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One of the main objectives of our company is of course to grow, but to grow while sharing.

We think that nowadays, with the existing communication, with the speed at which information is being transmitted, not to take advantage of the characteristic of our age means to stem the tide, using old standards which were valid when information took months or years to get from one person to another.

This website will try to bring together everything related to the transmission of knowledge, free software and a new concept, which is not yet widespread, but which we think is necessary, like free hardware (electrical and mechanical).

Whenever our clients will allow us, we will publish the concepts used to solve the problems which occurred during the design process.

In the following tabs we will add links to articles of interest, both our own and of other people or companies, that are prepared to share techniques and solutions encountered during their daily work.

By the way, this is an open space for everybody. Anyone who has developed something and thinks it might be useful for someone else to improve some development, can publish his/ her information and ideas here, so that with the help of all of us we can create a community of free and open knowledge, allowing us to improve as professionals.

open projects

Actions speak louder than words, so the product we are presenting has also been developed with the idea of sharing the solutions we encountered for each obstacle of the project with everybody.

In the column that accompanies this text there will be links to each article we will publish regarding the development of “functiodomo” as well as the links to the source files of the programs developed by our team.



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