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What do we do?

Functio & Ars is operated by a well trained staff with experience in the design of industrial equipments and machinery.

The members of our staff have pursued their professional career in various fields such as:

  * Development of radiological equipment for integration in radiology rooms.
  * Design and production control of machinery for parcel classification.
  * Design of components for zone-based air conditioning-systems.
  * Export of products to many different countries.
  * Design and production of street furniture components.
  * Infographics of buildings and machinery for presentations.
  * Design of websites and web applications.

Regarding all our projects, our goal has always been INNOVATION as well as FUNCTIONAL and ATTRACTIVE products according to the BUDGET agreed upon.

Below you can find photos of some of the projects in which staff members of Functio & Ars were involved:

X-ray tube suspension with 5 degrees of freedom

Suinsa Medical System propietary product (www.suinsa.com).

Power grilles for zonal climate

Metalzone propietary product (www.metalzone.es).

Sorting packages machine

Jornel Ingeniería propietary product (www.jornel.net).

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Functio & Ars is a new company composed of staff convinced that the most solid value of a product is its quality.

With this objective in mind, we want to offer our clients products which are functional and easy to operate, but also have a touch of originality to distinguish them from the competition.


José Antonio Castillo Rodríguez

Manager R+D.

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