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Functio & Ars is a new company, with one main goal:


With this objective in mind, we want to be an example of what can be achieved through the imaginative application of technology; in order to enjoy a more comfortable and pleasant way of life.

We want to create and design products everybody likes to use, because they are not only easy to operate, but also attract us by their shape, colours or textures.

For this reason we decided to name our company:
Functio & Ars, or in English Function & Art.

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Functio & Ars Design

Functio & Ars design is the part of the company dedicated to providing industrial design services (mechanical and electrical) to companies that want to obtain a new product or to revise an existing one, to continue in the struggle for the market.

Extensive experience in the design of electromechanical equipment, as well as throughout the product development process, from conception to placement on the market, support a methodology that seeks maximum customer satisfaction and lowest maintenance costs for the manufacturer.

Our project-specific work methodology assures our clients full control and knowledge regarding the status of their design.

If you want to improve the perception of your products on the market, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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